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Mar 31, 2022
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The first one is branded as individual connection. This Email Database group of email leads are being purchased by a marketer and might cost a lot compared to others. This is targeted based on the income groups and capability of a lead to purchase the offer of Email Database a marketer. An online marketer needs to contact the lead and explain to them the options or the products being offered via email. With this type of income groups, it will be critical to design a highly effective email to get their attention. The other classification of email leads is branded email. This type of leads was captured based on the available Email Database raw information online but the income group is undetermined. A marketer needs to create a detailed scheme on how to contact this email leads. This classification is much cheaper compared to the Email Database branded type but the service and the product sale will really depend on the capability of the prospect. One must take note not to send spam emails to this group since it might cause issues and is illegal in certain countries. My stand is; you really need to cultivate a relationship with your prospects and avoid sending messages without any value. The final classification I will share is the raw email addresses. This type Email Database of leads or email addresses are widely available online. This classification can come from capturing email information from various offers. Some people can easily capture email addresses though Email Database the use of bogus offers that will attract a person to provide information. This classification is the cheapest to produce, however they are raw and not targeted. I will not recommend an online marketer to get such leads especially if you are just building you network marketing business or MLM online.


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